Team Crossroads of Greeley

Northern Colorado, 2017

Our Team

Why We Walk With Compassion

Our fundraising team is committed to helping children in extreme poverty find new hope. Every dollar we raise together will go to the urgent needs they face everyday — lack of food, malaria, disaster relief, and more. 

We love being a part of a team that is so passionate about this crucial work. If you hear us talking about Walk with Compassion, it's because we just can't help it. Together, we can end child poverty!

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Join Us!

There are two ways for you to join us in this mission:

  1. Join our Team
    It is easy to sign up, and you can help us spread the word leading up to the inspiring walk.
  2. Support Our Team
    If you don't think you can join our team (too far away or it just doesn't work), then make a donation that will help us reach our goal!

Change the World

It is astounding how small actions can have such a tremendous outcome. Here are a few tangible examples of how a large or small donation can change a child's life:

  • $18 covers a malaria net to protect a child from this disease
  • $40 pays for a dental checkup, preventing life-threatening complications from poor dental health
  • $46 is enough for a full month of long-term shelter for a child who has been orphaned and/or abused
  • $79 buys an in-home water filtration system that provides clean, safe water for a family of four
  • $150 will buy a pig that can help a family in extreme poverty begin earning a living

Get The Word Out

Quick Stats

$100.00 Raised
12 Participants